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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh boy...Let the fun begin!

I woke up today with a backache...couldn't get comfortable in bed anylonger, along with some nausea. So odd, because yesterday I woke up feeling the best I think I may have ever felt! (After a lonnnnngggg nights sleep).
I suppose this is all par for the course, and I'm simply not familiar with the route this course may lead me on. :-)
Let me tell you my biggest struggle's a 7 letter word :P F A T I G U E!
It's CRAZY how you can get over 9 hours sleep..make it a few hours and then feel completely exhausted again! I know I will make it through this...the 1st Trimester is the hardest, of course.

Here's to hoping tomorrow will be a little better...xoxo

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Here we are...6 years ago, dating, really enjoying eachothers company, singing karaoke all the time, laughing, smiling, and feeling like this could really last! ♥

Here we are, a few years later. So happy, and still as in love as we were from the very beginning. This man has meant the world to me, lifted my spirits, and believed in me~even when I didn't believe in myself! ♥

Here we are on our Wedding Day! ~ August 24, 2008 ~

The best day of our lives, and the most fun Wedding we could have ever thought we would have! :) We had our Beach-like, yet indoor Wedding at the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz, CA. ♥

~ And now...3.5 years later, we have been trying to figure out our lives, our future, whatever that may be, whatever that may bring.

~ As of December 23, 2011 we are officially expecting!! That is right, a new addition to the Swanson Family! ♥ Let me add however, this has been a long haul. We have wanted this for the past 2 years...and I have come to learn that faith & patience play a huge role in all of this.

Now that I look back on it, I know it was God's doing to allow it to happen when we WERE ready.

We both have had some struggles to get through, and goals to accomplish...and now that we have done that, I feel we were given a little blessing in return.

~ I am currently just a little over 4 weeks. Basically the cells have come together & have formed layers that will become 3 different parts that will grow into different systoms and such. The heart should begin to beat in just a few well as the brain is coming about. I'm currently really tired, have a bit of nausea, and a few other symptoms...not super fun, but super exciting!

~By next week (5 weeks) and the week after (6 weeks), baby will begin to take a somewhat fetal shape. (More like a tadpole LOL) Currently, it is the size of say, a orange seed. Very tiny, but very much in the process.

It's a miracle, and I can't thank God enough. I look forward to the coming months, and pray that everything goes smoothly as hoped. I plan to document the weeks & share our experiences with the world :-)