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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh boy...Let the fun begin!

I woke up today with a backache...couldn't get comfortable in bed anylonger, along with some nausea. So odd, because yesterday I woke up feeling the best I think I may have ever felt! (After a lonnnnngggg nights sleep).
I suppose this is all par for the course, and I'm simply not familiar with the route this course may lead me on. :-)
Let me tell you my biggest struggle's a 7 letter word :P F A T I G U E!
It's CRAZY how you can get over 9 hours sleep..make it a few hours and then feel completely exhausted again! I know I will make it through this...the 1st Trimester is the hardest, of course.

Here's to hoping tomorrow will be a little better...xoxo

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